• Testosterone: Not Only for Guys!

    I wanted to talk about the main issue that this website faces. This issue is it being a site by a woman that talks about testosterone usage. So many people seem to only think that testosterone can be used with men only, but with women it is something seen as lethal or unheard of. However, this is not true, due to one main fact that isn’t very well-known, Women lose testosterone just like men do. Actually, it is about the same time in their life, around their 20s. One thing that is not well known also about testosterone in women is it helps to keep our estrogen in check.

    Another thing that both men and women go through, although only one side of the story is usually talked about is the loss of libido in women. Yes, it happens and yes testosterone supplements can help to raise a woman’s libido. Another concern that has been had by women is that these testosterone boosters could be too strong for them and get them negative results. However there are, if you bother to look around a bit, many statements by companies saying that yes there testosterone boosters can be used by women. You just need to do a little digging around at the official websites of said companies.

    One of the primary things that I really saw improve was my sleep cycle. I usually have trouble having a restful night sleep and toss and turn almost every night. However, with using testosterone as long as I have, I really have great sleep every night and I’m able to easily get in eight hours. If I get a little less sleep than normal due to a time crunch, I also feel more rested on less sleep, compared to when I didn’t use the testosterone supplement.  Another thing that it helped with was my personal cycle, which actually was much shorter than other times during the month.

    You’ve seen the benefits of using testosterone, now how you may want to take it, is entirely up to you. What do you want to go through a prescription from a doctor, supplements available around the web, or by using vitamins and foods, the options are really endless!

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  • Does Testosterone Really Change A Woman?

    So, I wanted to try and clear the air as best as possible about two big things that sometimes go together, women and testosterone. Now, before I began taking anything to raise my testosterone, I thought that it would make look like a man and start growing facial hair everywhere. Sadly, I think that this is a big misconception around certain circles of people but it does not mean that they are wrong.

    See, it all depends on how much of it you take or are prescribed to take. If your goal is to have male features and you take enough testosterone for that to happen, it will. If you are a woman who wants to have more strength and not turn into a man over time as far as hair and voice is concerned, this can be done safely as well.

    As with any substances, certain people are going to learn the right amount for them. Too much of almost any substance in the world can give you adverse side effects. It really all about knowing two things: what you want to achieve and how much or less of something it will take to give you those results.

    The main thing that you need to be doing if you are really looking to take testosterone as a woman would be to please consult a medical professional. This can be really dangerous stuff if you just go into taking it blindly. You need to have an appointment with a proper doctor who can help find you what you need in relation to your goals.

    Doctors all around hear and see so much in their lives, do not be embarrassed or ashamed to seek professional medical help. It is the smartest thing you will do in this whole process and you will save so much time being on the right track right away.

    I hope that this has helped to clear up some common misconceptions about women and testosterone.

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  • My Thoughts About the Caitlyn Jenner Interview

    Ok, everyone, so I might be just a little behind in my news but recently I got a chance to watch the Caitlyn Jenner interview special show. I really have to say that they did such a great job in bringing about her history and her past as Bruce Jenner. We all had been hearing all kinds of news stories about her in the past year. I, for one, thought that they were all just tabloid junk and there probably wasn’t any truth to the rumors.

    As time went on, Bruce began to say that there was a special coming up and I heard the name Caitlyn being tossed around, so then I knew that there was definitely more to this than I had first thought. As the special began and you saw the previews, you knew you were going to be taken on a journey.

    From something that people were poking fun at a few months ago to seeing the full special, you really learned that it was no laughing matter. I think that Bruce did wonderfully in balancing the heaviness of his situation with some humor to keep it light at times. Things really got to a whole new level when his children from different marriages came onto the set to give their thought on the issue.

    This would be something shocking for me to find out as a child but I know that I would be supportive of this situation. Heck, maybe even more so after having had the privileged of watching this special. Seeing how much it meant to Bruce that this was all finally coming to light was very moving. It really made you feel connected to him but I could not imagine how hard that had to be to do in front of a national audience, my heart goes out to him.

    I had heard that this is now going to become a new reality show, which I don’t know if I agree with, but I think that the more people know about gender identity than the world will be a better place.

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  • Elana’s Favorite Less Hazardous Alternates to Steroids

    What Are The Closest Supplements to Steroids That Are OK To Use?

    I get this question so many times and I am happy to report that I have finally found somewhere where this can happen.

    If you are looking into getting a certain kind of supplement, there will be many options. You want something that works and something that will not get you into any trouble and I totally understand that situation. If you want to do this, get something that is made from all-natural ingredients.

    Also, if you are looking for something that will work, listen around to what other people say about this product. If you find a bunch of one star reviews all around the internet, I would run away! Another source may be the local place where you workout. It isn’t weird at all to ask someone what supplements they use.

    In this situation, just use common courtesy and don’t find the biggest guy there and start talking his ear off while he is trying to bench press or something like that. More often than not, most people will be flattered (even if they don’t show it) that you thought to ask them this question. It kind of makes someone feel like an idol. I have only been asked this once or twice while working out at the gym but let me tell you, when it did happen, it really made my day!

    If are looking for more news and updates about steroids and the legal alternatives, I would also recommend that you go here. I say this because this is an up to date website with many different journals and studies that are coming in to it weekly. This is where I find out if there are any recalls or the latest health news about these supplements. With so many companies out there working on advertising and things like that, I just want the real facts with no hype.

    Thanks for checking out the latest post and leave me a comment about your opinion on this issue!


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  • Prohormones – An Alternative to Testosterone

    Prohormones and Testosterone – Where to Find The Best Ones for Sale

    As many of you know, there are different kinds of ways to gain muscle. Being that I am using testosterone primarily, I also wanted to shed some light on other ways of getting this done. One that I am most often asked about would have to prohormones. For those of you that do not know what these are, I will try my best to explain it for you.

    What prohormones do is essentially allow you to produce more muscle mass and sometimes they will even help to burn a little bit of body fat. Although I am currently in testosterone therapy, I have yet to actually try a prohormone myself. This is something that I might do in the future but not at this moment. One other reason is because they are currently banned as something went into effect in December of 2014.

    Now as with prohormones, there are legal options available. These products are designed to replicate the positive effects of prohormones without any danger to your body or risk of getting into trouble for trying to obtain something illegal. I would save yourself the trouble and check out the legal options, as not to get into any hot water. There are many different options with these kinds of supplements, as there are with testosterone.

    Whatever you do decide to do, please do your research and check out which websites have the best reviews so you know that you are not getting ripped off. Another thing to see is how long the actual website or business has been around. You do not want to spend your hard-earned money on some new website or business that could be here one day and then gone the next.

    These supplements will definitely help to add muscle and strength, provided that you get the right ones. I am currently still in the middle of doing research on this subject so that I can provide you with the best options, as I always try to do. I always try to make this website easily accessible for people that may be new to this but I also try to teach even the most knowledgeable people a thing or two. Whether or not this always happens is a different story.

    Another great source of info would be right here. They always seem to point me in the right direction. If you have any questions about this subject or want to add your opinion, please do so. This can be done by checking up at the top for my contact page where you can feel free to drop me a line at any time.


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  • Reducing Testosterone Aging with Skin Cream

    Lifecell – The Best Anti Aging Solution for Testosterone Users

    Elana here and one thing that women who use testosterone enhancing products knows is that, in certain quantities, this stuff can produce some pretty masculine hormones. These are the kind of hormones produced that causes our feminine skin to really have some stress put on it and that can cause premature aging. The number one symptom of premature aging would be the appearance of wrinkles. Looking online for a solution I found something offering lifecell all in one anti aging treatment savings. As someone who has used these products in maybe high dosages than I should have, I did pay a price for it. I began to notice my skin becoming more masculine and the appearance of some slight wrinkling to start occurring.

    This really bummed me out and I knew that I should go ahead and give this product a shot to see if it could help to stop or reverse the negative effects that I had done to my skin. To my surprise, this was actually the best skin care product for bodybuilding women that I had taken. I had tried some other cheaper varieties of skin care cream but nothing came to close to the benefit of this one. It was able to really reduce the appearance of wrinkles throughout my skin, which made me really happy.

    My skin problem had begin to get so bad that I was worried about leaving the house without a TON of makeup on. My friends and family began to take notice of the sharp increase in makeup that I wore and I figure that they might have thought that something was up but I never told them how bad I was starting to age. The tanning beds that I would constantly get in before my bodybuilding shows was something else that was starting to age me prematurely as well.

    Lifecell was able to work well there to combat the effects of my many tanning bed sessions. Although, now I strictly spray tan for competitions, it is good to know that I am actively fighting the wrinkle effects of what I had done in the past and am also helping to ensure that no new wrinkles pop up!

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  • How I Finally Got My Bicep to Grow

    Ah, yes the biceps. I know that some people have an easier time getting certain muscles to grow over time. For me, my biggest problem was the muscles that require those isolation exercises to grow. I am usually pretty lucky to see growth on those big compound lifts. For those who do not know the compound lifts are the ones that involve your whole body or multiple parts of it. For example, squats and deadlifts would be compound lifts while the isolation lifts would be something like preacher curls. These isolation exercises would always lead me to a standstill as far as progress was concerned. Recently I was reading some tips on the internet. I found someone talking about doing 21s. 21s are named for the amount of reps that required for you to complete a set. Even better, you do these with a barbell so you are going to be lifting bigger. Combine this bigger lift with higher reps and you get growth. You also get pretty sore so check the ego at the door and start small.

    I have really found some great success with this and this is how you do it. You bring the barbell up from the bottom to halfway up and that is the first 7 reps. After that, you go from the halfway position to all the way up and this would be the second 7. Finally, you do 7 full motion curls. I don’t really recommend that a beginning weightlifting even attempt it. You have got to get some growth and experience in lifting to your biceps before you do this. However, once you get to the stage where you can do this, you are really going to get some amazing growth in your bicep muscles.

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  • Elana’s News: 1/19/2015

    Let’s get on with today’s article.

    For today, let’s talk about a subject. Subjects are great because they provide the outline to an entire area of writing and today this is my new writing project and that is to come up with something on the spot. Which kind of weight lifting moves make you feel the best burn? You know that feeling where you feel like you can not lift anymore than you just did, isn’t that a great feeling. For me, it would be bicep curls, however, I prefer doing them with a big old barbell loaded up with weights. One of the things that I have seen you all talking about is bench press. I love the bench press, don’t get me wrong but nothing comes close to my bicep curls. They are my favorite exercise by far because they just make me feel so darn good and big! Now another subject that has been more talked about than the favorite exercise would be which products will put on mass. There are people that recommend drinking those mass shakes. Have you ever had one of them? I have and let me say good luck not throwing up after trying to drink a big shaker cup full of what feels like cake batter and tastes like cardboard, yuck. If you really want to get big, check out a real guide to eating right and doing big workouts for your everyday life.

    Check out this New York Times article: Steroids Are No Boon to World’s Poorer Women. If you are looking for something that has more than enough people to back it up, then look no further. Sorry I have not been updating regularly, just got a new job so there will be more to come as I can find the time, but don’t give up on me people!


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  • Navigating My Great Website

    Ok, ok, so that may be just a little bit of an overstatement, but you get the general idea. Anyways, I just wanted to point you all to some other fine sections of my website. First, you will find the lovely page that is all about me to possibly be of use if you were wanting more information about me. I hope that that will help to shed some light on this matter.

    Also, if you are wanting to drop a line to me from this website, here is the place to do so: contact page and just by clicking on that you will be taken to a place where you can contact me. Thanks for checking out this website and I hope that this will help you to better navigate this place!

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  • Elana’s Favorite All Time Supplements

    Elana, What Supplements Do You Use Personally?

    Well, I will try and keep this short and simple for all of you! I know you are all sure that there is a lot of different supplement out there, so you need to know that first off. I guess that is why there are so many supplements out there that you can easily can get overwhelmed. I understand this! So let me break this down for you real quick. If there is one thing that you know I know a lot about, it is testosterone supplements. This one seen here is the love best test booster. I simply love the aforementioned testosterone booster as it works the best for me.

    what are the best nitric oxide supplements

    I am no stranger to pre workout products. Some really do a great job for me, while others seem to fall super flat. So take this one with a grain of salt. I really enjoy Gamma Labs. They make a great pre training formula. This one really takes my workouts to the next level and beyond. This formula has a great fruit punch taste and it always keeps me working out strong! If you are looking for a no product, look no further. I never get hurt best nitric oxide supplements and this one is definitely at the top, I love this one! One of my favorite all time supplements right here, you better believe it. Lastly, if you are looking for any information over a recent settlement from one of the less notable supplements out there, you may want to view this: androgel lawsuit settlement. We joke around sometimes around here but this is very serious matter, so if you are affected by this…be sure to get the help that you may be needing! Thanks for reading this and I will be back next week for a review of a new testosterone booster for all of you, stay tuned!

    Also, check this out if you need supplemental information.

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